What can I offer you?

With over 15 years of running experience, from flat 5km road races to 100-mile Ultramarathons stretching as far as New Zealand, the Middle East and err.. Rotherham; my passion for running, lies in helping to nurture and improve others in their running journey.

You are in safe hands

This allows me to take groups out on ‘moorland territory’ such as the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire.

Females - I'm hearing you

Hey girls – guess what? I understand! Let’s start with periods. Does your menstrual cycle get in the way of your training? Are you frustrated every month when you can’t hit your training goals? Do you know why? What if you could do more meaningful workouts scheduled around your cycle, which would then help you recover quicker better adapt and improve your confidence every day of the month for better results? Yes, I’ve been there.

With many years of running, I also suffered from undiagnosed ‘RED’s (Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome), my periods stopped for some substantial time. No-one wanted to know despite numerous stress fractures and other injuries including a fibula break that put me out for 4 months.

Right now my body is going through some fundamental changes with pre-menopause. I had laparoscopy surgery in 2019 and all this had heightened my interest in female physiology and how we as ‘women’ are ‘not small men’ (C) Stacy Sims. I understand and I can help create 

Isn't a coach just for 'fast runners'?

I Coach a variety of athletes from 24-hour Ultrarunners to brand new runners wanting to achieve their first 5km.  I am interested in working with anyone who has the passion to invest in themselves, to learn, to develop, and believe in possibilities.

Here’s a little story; When I started running over 15  years ago, I wish I had someone to help me along the way. I first started, running around a little reservoir, I was very very slow, I had to walk, I got shouted at, it was taking me 35-40 minutes to run 3 miles. I had a heavy cotton tee, £10 trainers, a cheap £3 bra, even cheaper socks, thick cotton shorts, I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. We all have to start somewhere. I then experimented with my running, challenged myself, took myself out of my comfort zone, and gradually improved. I’ve made all the common mistakes, I’ve been injured, frustrated, slowed down, lost motivation, doing the same runs over and over again, hated running loved running, tried training plans got burned out.

I love helping and seeing others achieve things they didn’t think were possible. That may be running continuously for 30 minutes,  improving your personal best times for a certain distance, running further than you’ve run before,  discovering new running experiences, learning new skills, improving confidence, increase your mental well-being, resilience, and greater self-esteem.

Race Experience

I’ve ran many 5kms, 10km, half marathons, and marathons, gaining a ‘Club Championship’ entry into the London Marathon a few years ago. I’ve run single day and multi-day ultras, the local UK based ultra’s and ultras as far away as New Zealand and Turkey.  Over the many events and personal challenges I have tackled, I’ve won some, podiumed some,  even won a race outright, I’ve finished right down at the bottom of the pack and lots in between.

All my race achievements and race wows can be read on my running blog ‘ Running Happiness‘ 

Sports Massage and Swim Coaching

I am a Level 4 Sports Massage therapist, my skills include Sports Taping, Dry Needling Level 1, and Instrument assisted soft tissue massage. What this has to do with run coaching? A lot! I understand the anatomy of the body, the movement patterns the common injuries that runners may come across, and how to address those injuries. I also have connections to refer people to physios as and when necessary. I can also offer Sports Massage as part of your integrated online coaching programme, at a very special price. Ask about this when you get in touch. See more at Ultractive Sports Massage Therapy
I swim teach and am a qualified Lifeguard. Swim teaching skills also requires analysing and addressing movement patterns to create more efficient swimming. The same skills are applied when running 121 and small group sessions. I observe your movement and give feedback so you can improve your running efficiency. More efficient runners can run faster or further or both and are less likely to pick up injuries. Improve your running form and style today. Get in touch to organise a 121 or small group session.
See more at Ultractive Swim Skills

Management and Team Leadership

Previous to my ‘sporting career’ I spent 16 years as an IT manager and Team Leader, managing web teams on high profile websites including the BBC, Plusnet (BT) and the NHS. These skills as a people manager have transferred over into my sporting world. It’s the ability to listen, guide, set ‘goals’, helping you get where you want to go, just like running.

Running Porn

I give impartial advice on the essential kit.  My experience has equipped me with the know-how of what to carry and what not to carry for different types of runs. 


There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”
Alfred Wainwright
A Coast to Coast Walk

From 100 mile ultras in the Yorkshire Dales in the height of a sizzling summer to a 21 mile fell race with minus 10-degree temperatures on top of Kinder Scout, in the Peak District. 80-mile ultramarathons through the fog, rain, sleet, and snow, to 40 degrees of mountain terrain racing through the Lake District. Every run is different and requires a different sort of kit and nutrition strategies.

My kit gear contains some expensive top of the range running apparel and some cheap Aldi and Decathlon bargains as well. I am a stickler for good value and will always recommend a variety of gear from different ends of the spectrum and different suppliers.

I do not endorse any particular nutritional products. Part of my framework is to encourage people to ‘experiment’ and try different products. I used to be an ambassador for Tailwind Nutrition and still enjoy their products but also appreciate they are not for everyone. 

What I can't do

To tell you what I can’t do for you is as important as telling you what I can do for you. I can’t run for you, you need to do the hard work.

I am a run coach first and foremost, I am not a nutritionist, a strength and conditioning coach, a doctor or a physiotherapist. However, I can signpost you to the correct people as part of your training programme through my wide network of contacts.  I will not attempt to give wrong or misguiding advice if I don’t know the answer then I don’t know. Honesty is at the forefront of what I do, honesty brings trust and trust means we can develop together. 

I develop a long term partnership with my clients, understanding you as a person first in order to support and guide your running journey. No off the shelf plan can do that! It’s so much more than a one-off finishing time. I transfer your goals into a worthy consistent process of self-discovery to work out what you are capable of. You will have accountability, you will improve, you will evolve. You will adapt, be kept motivated, build self-resilience so you can achieve what you want, and most importantly enjoy the process along the way.