Yorkshire Dales Trail running Weekend - more info


Friday 2nd July to Sunday 4th July (inclusive of the Sunday)

There are more details of what to bring, and what we have proposed below. Please fill in the pre-questionnaire form and we welcome any ideas you have to make this a fantastic, fun, relaxing weekend for all.

Kit List

For your own safety and that of others, you will need the appropriate trail running kit. Whilst it is preferable that you do have the full kit as specified below, we appreciate you may not have it all. Trail shoes and a rucksack/vest to carry extra gear are essential. The most important thing is that if the weather changes and you are on exposed paths or if you got injured, would you have the right type of clothing to keep you warm? 

If you don’t own everything on the kit list please get in touch. We may have spares to lend out, especially in ladies S/M  ‘waterproof coats and bottoms’, gloves, buffs and possibly a backpack.

Trail shoes  Please note road shoes are not really appropriate for the main run please even if the trails are dry. They may be ok for smaller riverbed runs however we are running on ‘limestone landscapes’ which can be slippy. 

Appropriate Running gear Shorts, 3/4, running tights or full-length tights, tee’s, base layers, long-sleeved tops that are appropriate for the weather conditions.  (Weather conditions will be checked prior to the weekend). No thick hoodies, or heavy tracksters, please for running in.  Socks and spare socks. Please test all kit out well beforehand.

Waterproof Jacket (Taped Seams and a Hood are preferable)  Thin showerproof coats, ‘cotton hoodies’ or ponchos may not keep you warm and happy in the hills Even if it is warm weather, conditions can change on moorlands. Also, ask yourself; if you twisted your ankle and went into shock, would you have enough gear to keep yourself warm? Waterproof trousers are also invaluable – see below for photos of the Yorkshire Dales last year the weekend that the trip was supposed to go ahead *. You can pick up waterproof trousers very cheaply with taped seams, less than £10. If you are struggling with this but have a heavy weight ‘hiking waterproof’ this may suffice to carry with you for ’emergency’ use. Please get in touch if you are unsure and we can offer advice on what to bring.

Hat or Buff and Gloves – Even in summer. Sometimes if you get cold in summer your body can react and you may need to keep your extremities warm. Such headwear is also great in all weathers to keep you cool when dipped in water. Don’t forget the club sells their ‘headwear’ for only £5.

Sunglasses, cap and Sunscreen Wishing for nice weather. Obviously, if it is really bad weather we can relax this requirement on the day.

Minimum of 1 litre water/sports drink – Soft flasks are great for this, but hard bottles are also fine. Even on a cool day, you may need to drink more than you think on the hills. Please make sure you bring at least 1 litre.

Snacks to see you through 4 hours of running – see below for requirements and ideas on what to bring. Trail running requires more energy than road running. 

Base Layer this may be worn or carried depending on weather conditions. Spare ones are also very handy just in case.

Running rucksack/ pack/vest 4-10 litres in size. Please test your pack for comfort once full. Front buckle strap backpacks designed for running are recommended as they are the most comfortable and have less bounce. Some bumbags are 6 litres and these will also meet requirements.

Dry bags / lock bags– to keep your items dry and in one place, if you don’t have dry bags zip log sandwich bags (large ones) can do the trick too.  We may have spares to lend out if the weather is really bad. No rubbish is to be left on the hill so we suggest small sandwich bags to put your rubbish in.

A fully charged Mobile phone (to be kept on at all times) with organisers contact number: 07484177886, OS locate and/or What3Words

Money both notes and card are useful as you may be getting the little bus back one day

Any personal medications and basic first aid kit – see below for suggestions.

Desirable and Advanced Group (compulsory):

Waterproof trousers Ask yourself; if you twisted your ankle and went into shock would you have enough gear to keep yourself warm? These are recommended for all. You do not need to spend a lot of money on them, you can pick up taped seamed ‘walking’ ones for £10. 

Spare Base Layer in addition to carrying one can be a Lightweight fleece eg microfleece/Polartec etc or Merino Wool base layer or Primaloft jacket/down jacket

Full running tights ( 3/4 tights permitted unless very very hot)

The leaders are both outdoor first aid qualified and will be carrying extra gear such as bivy bags and full first aid kits, water filter and extra water/food, map and compass, and whistle so this is not essential individually unless you want to.

*Why there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong sort of clothing; images of the wonderful Yorkshire Dales Weather, 4th July 2020 - the weekend that the trip was to take place. Please do not skimp on gear!

Personal First Aid

  • Personal medication
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Face Mask
  • Blister Plasters (like Compeed)
  • Alcohol Wipe
  • Normal plasters
  • Anti-chaffing cream / vaseline
  • Pain relief* Not NAIDS please read why here
  • Insect repelent


We are staying in a well-situated, comfortable though basic and characterful accommodation at Hubberholme in the Upper Wharfedale area.

It is an old interesting building, used originally for stables and the coach house for the farm.  The bunk barn offers self-catering accommodation for 18 (we are currently SOLD OUT with a waiting list), with a well-equiped kitchen, fridge-freezer cookers, microwave, etc.  Catering utensils are provided.

The accommodation is divided into four small rooms with bunks. You will obviously be sharing a confined space with others.  We will do our best to allocate the rooms fairly based on your requirements.

There is a large dining and recreation room, central heating, TV, and wifi but let’s not be glued to our phones all weekend. 

You need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow.

The barn will be available from 4pm on Friday afternoon and we have access until later on Sunday.

For around the accommodation

  • Clothing for use in the accommodation –  evening wear black ties or frocks are not compulsory.
  • Comfortable, loose, long clothing for any stretching/strength classes
  • Spare running gear in case it is wet
  • Earplugs
  • Head torch – especially if you are thinking of doing the night run. Spare batteries are handy
  • GPS watch
  • Toiletries: including soap/shower gel, towel,  
  • Flip flops and other similar footwear are most useful for indoor/outdoor hanging about
  • Any other snacks and food you require.

There is a very small shop on your mile rep loop, otherwise the nearest ‘spa’ is half a marathon away and the nearest supermarket is a marathon away. So either bring stuff or get running!

Food Glorious food!

A basic breakfast will be provided, this will consist of tea, coffee, toast, cereals with jams and other condiments, yogurts, porridge, etc.

We will be out on the trails for a good few hours so lunch will either be ‘snacking’ along the way or/and a late lunch at a village. Make sure you bring enough snacks!

Evening meal(s) are not included in the price. There will be 2 nights required, depending on weather conditions, this may be either a ‘barn meal’ (cooked in the barn) or the local pub(s) and/or BBQ. It may be that we request everyone brings something for the BBQ – more details once preferences have been made on the questionnaire.

Homemade cake and snack donations are most welcome.

Trail Running food

A rough guide is to go on 150-200 calories per hour. This may seem a lot but carry more than you need. A useful tip is to have an ’emergency bar/gel’ at the bottom of your rucksack labeled ’emergency food’ that you do not touch unless in an emergency.   

If you have a very special diet and need to bring your own special food please let us know in advance to ensure we don’t get foods mixed up. Please do ask about any food arrangements that you may be unsure of.

Suggested Trail foods include:

  • Cereal, muesli bars – such as Naked bars, kind bars, Trek, or similar supermarket own branded bars. these are full of good energy. Check labels for good solid raw ingredients
  • Sweets – such as jelly beans, jelly babies but do not rely on these constantly
  • Kendal Mint Cake – oh yes! / Scottish tablet – try home bargains
  • Peanuts or other nuts in small packets
  • Crisps (hola hoops are great)
  • Jaffa Cakes
  • Soreen or similar
  • Hard chocolate or mini chocolate bars (as long as it’s not boiling hot)
  • Jelly sweets – Percy pigs or other children’s sweets
  • Anything that travels well. Baby bells are good, but nothing too perishable..

Wild Swimming (Optional)

Would you like to try some wild swimming/dipping under the supervision of a qualified Open Water swimming coach? We can help you every dip of the way to experience this amazing activity in a safe and controlled way.

The following are worth bringing:

  • Swimsuit
  • Neoprene if you wish – such as shortie/booties/gloves
  • A woolly hat for dipping in
  • Warm clothes, very warm clothes; such as merino base layers and bottoms, spare wooly hat for afterward
  • Big warm woolly socks
  • Easy to slip on shoes
  • Big towel / dry robe/changing robe
  • Toe float (optional if just a dip not necessary)
  • Hot water bottle
  • Flask for a hot drink
  • Standing mat/ old towel / micro towel / sitting mat/gardening kneeling mat

Runble Sale!

Everyone has some ‘new’ or old ‘wearable’ running gear that you’ve hardly used, you know that funky pair of trainers you bought for £20 from SportsShoes back in 2012 before the ‘Carbonplatedsupercheatshoes’ ever existed, and you’ve worn once to put the bin out, or a pair of socks you got in a goodie bag at a race, or a lime green and pink polka dot ‘technical’ tee that you’ve never worn.

So the idea is an ‘runble sale’, not so much ‘jumble’ but must be ‘runnable’ i.e useful for someone else.

This idea may not suit everyone but you never know what you may pick up. This is especially true for things like shoes. Or you may just have some nutrition like some gels that you hate the taste of. Bring it along.   You can bring more than one item, we may even play at ‘guess who brought what item’.

 Anything left can be sent to Dan Lawsons ‘re-run’ project.


From Skipton take B6265 to Threshfield then B6160 to Buckden. Turn left at signpost to Hubberholme (Hawes Rd).

Grange Farm is 1km on left.

It is about 2 hrs 15 to 2 hrs 30 drive from Sheffield City Centre. If you need to stop for goodies on the way then Skipton is the best place. 

Car Parking. There is limited parking so we will need to car share

By Train:
The closest train station is Skipton, the venue is a half marathon from Skipton – happy running!