Yorkshire Dales Trail Running Weekend

Hey, Welcome back to some sort of near-on ‘normality’.  It’s been a while since you first signed up for our inaugural Dales Trail Running Weekend. We can’t wait to share the weekends’ adventures with you in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales.

The following two pages have lots of information about the trip and more will be added in the next few weeks. 

What to expect

There will be a variety of runs on offer, from headtorch, runs to pre-breakfast trots, longer day time runs to suit different abilities (see the  group runs section for more details), perhaps a stretching/strengthening session, if demand, then perhaps casual workshops on map reading, gear and anything else you may want to know about trail running and if you fancy we will find some wild swimming spots too.

The Yorkshire Dales is home to outstanding scenery and a breathtakingly peaceful atmosphere. Each day we will run through stunning landscapes on varied terrain and with lots of ups and downs. You will pass through historical and ecological landscapes creating a true running experience to be remembered.

This trip is predominantly Sheffield Running Club members however, there are some runners on the trip who are not members of the club. 


We hope you can still make it!

The weekend will take place from Friday 2nd July to Sunday 4th July (inclusive of the Sunday)

The weekend will equip you with tools and knowledge to run trails with total confidence. We guarantee that you will take home with you a smile that will last for weeks.

Trip details, accommodation, and location information is now available here

Please familiarise yourself with the information below and then fill in the pre-questionnaire form at the bottom of the page.  

Suggested main daytime runs

The weekend is aimed at those who want a real taste of solid off-road running. Trail running is very different to road running and can be more ‘tiring’ over shorter distances. Below are some estimations of ‘pace’ on the road to give you an idea of the abilities of the groups that will take place.

There are 18 of us (max capacity) at the bunk barn and a couple of others who are camping nearby. With this in mind, there will be a mixture of ages and running abilities, so for everyone’s safety and enjoyment, we will split into flexible-paced groups, this allows us all to move fluidly, so everyone can run at their own comfortable pace without feeling pressured.

‘Main Intermediate Group’

The ‘main or intermediate group’  will be ‘running’ around 10-12 miles each day, expect to be on your feet for at 3 to 4 hours. As a rough indicator, you need to be able to run 10km on road in 60 minutes and have the ability to keep going for at least 10 miles in order to enjoy the activities in a safe way.  This group will be led by a qualified ‘Hill and Moorland Leader’ and England Athletics coach.

‘Advanced Group’

A more advanced group will be available for those used to running on more technical terrain and can comfortably run 15 plus miles in the hills which will be led by a qualified Mountain Leader. This group would be for those that can also comfortably run a 40-45 minute 10km on road.

‘Leisurely paced Group’

A third ‘leisurely-going group’ will be available for anyone who thinks they may not quite be at the level for the main intermediate or advanced group (the main intermediate group being a proposed 10-minute miling on-road and ability to run 10 miles comfortably) but still want to enjoy the trails.  This leisurely paced group will be a self-guided option, that is, without a leader. Suggested routes will be provided,  you will need basic map reading skills. These options are more likely to be easier/shorter riverbed-type routes and will hopefully meet up with the main group later in the day. These options could also suit those of you who may not be used to back-to-back days of running longer distances and may want an easier option on day 2 without missing out.

These are flexible and suggested paces, that will hopefully provide plenty of fun options for all.

It may be necessary for routes and plans to adjust based on the weather conditions, group safety, and enjoyment as well as any COVID restrictions still in place. Dynamic risk assessments will be ongoing throughout the runs.

We hope this is still the trip for you, however, we appreciate lots have changed in the last 18 months since you signed up. If you have any questions please get in touch

There is a likelihood that we will ask everyone to lateral flow test before the trip and further questions on COVID will be asked in a questionnaire nearer the time. All this rests on the Governments’ proposed roadmap of easing of all restrictions on the 21st June 2021.

Important next steps:

Please read the following page with further information about the accommodation, kit list, activities, and location. Once you have read this it will help you fill in the pre questionnaire below.

Forms must be submitted by 10th May 2021 and full payment will be required by 1st June.

A more detailed itinerary will be available in the next few weeks.


As the past year has proven we can not fully predict the situation of COVID-19, and any details of the trip may be subject to change and with little or no notice. However, based on the Government roadmap, the trip will be able to go ahead on the condition that England eases all restrictions on the 21st June.

If things change in the wrong direction we will respond in the most appropriate way.   We ask that you keep an open mind and be willing to adapt and be flexible to any changes that may happen. We keep our fingers crossed that all is good on June 21st and beyond.