Why you need a run coach

Flexible Online Coaching

Know your why

We explore your why. Your why will shape your running journey, it is very powerful, When the going gets tough you ask yourself ‘Why am I here’, ‘why am I doing this’, and that gets you your results.

How can a run coach be valuable to you?



Why pay for a coach when there’s so much free information out there on the web?

You go to Mr Google and downloaded a free PDF plan for your next race. Ask yourself; is it best approach FOR YOU?

What I can do for you

WE communicate with each other, WE are a team and we create a journey together, one that follows you not one that you follow.


We are in a world of uncertainty, I don’t need to tell you that. But don’t let COVID get the better of you – you can be the runner you want to be even in these difficult times. We adapt and develop a growth mindset TOGETHER.



The best training plan isn’t the one that you follow, it’s the one that follows you.

I can’t…


…Do the work for you


…but I help guide you in the right way for you so that every step in the journey is the best possible for you.



I am not an expert in everything, for example; I can not provide qualified information on nutrition and I am not a qualified strength coach but I can certainly signpost you in the right direction if I don’t know the answers. From years of experience of racing various distances in all sorts of conditions, I’ve tried lots of things in both training and racing some that work some that don’t. I can therefore help you avoid making the same mistakes.

And now the small issue of cost

You’ve got trainers, socks, tees, shorts, race entries, and travel to glamorous or not so glamous destinations to tow the start line, the price tag even for running can all add up, and of course, don’t forget that extra pair of £100 (or £240) pair of trainers. Coaching is so worth the investment to ensure that all those other expenses don’t end up wasted in an unsatisfying race experience.

I do not have a set price because one persons’ needs are different from the next. The pricing structure depends on so many different factors. Get in touch to find out more.