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What I offer

Guided Trail runs

Trail Running

Imagine yourself running effortlessly on trails surrounded by beautiful countryside, imagine friends around you, laughing chatting and having heaps of fun. Join one of my guided trail runs because I take out the thinking of route choice by creating safe but exciting journeys to suit all abilities. Challenge yourself with these amazing adventures taking away joyful memories. Once you've discovered trail running, you'll want to do it again and again!

Personalised Online coaching

Gender-specific training

Females....I can help you discover how amazing it is to train around your menstrual cycle, empowering you with the knowledge to know when your body can perform at its best. Your hormonal fluctuations will determine different types of sessions so you feel full of energy every day of the month.

Flexible Bespoke Programmes

Get better results with a personalised and flexible training programme that fits your goals and lifestyle. No more uncertainty. No more thinking "what running should I do today?" Choose from either fully supported or semi supported programmes. With our easy to use app, your unique coaching package is tailored includes everything you need to evolve your running journey and achieve your fitness goals.

Technique Sessions

121 technique Sessions

Boost your running efficiency and fix those bad habits. Sign up for a 121 or small group session, to analyse your technique. This could be to improve your uphill running, your downhill running, your ability to run on trail or your general running economy. Together we will analyse your movement patterns and suggest alterations to make you a better and stronger runner.

Road to trail sessions

Sign up now and let us help you to progress effortlessly from road to trail and fell. These sessions will give you the tools and knowledge to help you run safely and confidently off-road, with advice on gear, route choices, mental training, motivation, event selection and more. Boost your trail confidence now.

New Runners

Get started with your running journey here. We work together to create an achievable, progressive and unique programme just for you. It fits in with your lifestyle and your ability. Join now, and we promise you will feel more confident, energetic, happier and healthier.

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