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The smart, holistic approach to training.

Run Coaching for all distances from new runners through to ultra distance, gender-specific running; trail running, guided runs and much more.


Let me work out the what, when and how, so you can focus on enjoying your running.

What I offer

Trail Running

Do you want to progress from road to trail or fell but lack confidence to hit the trails on your own? Or are you already on the trails but doing the same routes over and over again? Let me help you explore your trail running journey. You will acquire new tools and knowledge to help you run safely and confidently off-road, with advice on gear, route choices, mental training, motivation, event selection and more.

New Runners

Are you new to running, wanting to try running for the very first time? Do you need some focus to help you get back out there after some time out of the sport? Perfect! Let's take your first steps on your running journey together. We will progress you gradually in a fun, enjoyable and varied way. Learn how to run efficiently and develop the mental skills to evolve your running.

Personalised programmes

Personalised and flexible training programme to fit your lifestyle and which works for you,. No more uncertainty. No more thinking "what running should I do today?" Choose from either fully supported or semi supported programmes.

Gender-specific training

In addition to what goes on in daily life for both men and women, and what may fuel motivation and goals, men and women's physiology are very different to each other. For women, training plans are also built and adapted around your menstrual cycle empowering you with the knowledge to know when your body can perform at its best.

Face to face sessions

These involve observing and analysing your running form to help you evolve into a stronger more efficient runner. A popular option is to combine your training programme with intermittent face-to-face sessions to help build on your running skills. Available in Sheffield and the Peak District.

Mentoring Plans

What if you have your own plan already and prefer to schedule your own training? Fantastic, you're already halfway there! I will review and provide feedback on your sessions, perfect if you want to plan your own training but are unsure whether it is right for you.

What you get

Your own unique programme

Optimised plans, unique only to yourself. Targeted training so you can feel in control of your life and get the most out of your running and the results you really want.

Progressive and fun workouts

Enjoyable sessions, gradually building up to keep you injury-free, healthy and avoid burnout.

Holistic Approach

It's not just a training plan but so much more; for both men and women direction on strength and conditioning, cross-training options, dietary guidance and Sports Massage options. In addition, for the female runner, creating sessions adaptable to your menstrual cycle so you can take advantage of when your body is at its strongest.

Regular Support

With regular feedback and discussions on your achievements this is a fully 'athlete centred' approach. We develop an honest and open relationship together to keep you motivated and accountable.

Build your confidence, evolve your running and become a better version of yourself.

Customer Reviews

Thank you for the elevation!! That was such a useful, fun and informative 1-2-1 session. I was scared of hills, but now I am equipped with the knowledge to make them my friend.
1-2-1 session to look at form and skill
Fantastic, I've just discovered areas within my own city that I have never been. Thank you for showing me around and teaching me to be safe on the trails. Can't wait to explore more.
New trail runner - guided run​
Thank you for your patience in helping me get back up and running after a long term injury. The programme has been gradual and great fun, fitting in perfectly with my busy lifestyle.
Previously Injured runner

Start your run coach journey with me today and evolve your running.

About Me

  • England Athletics Coach Qualified, (CiRF) and Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF)
  • Experienced Trail and Ultra Runner with proven results – read more at Running Happiness
  • Coaching Secretary for Sheffield Running Club.
  • Currently undertaking the England Athletics Fell Coaching Qualification, Event Group Endurance Coach programme and HML with Mountain Training
  • Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity
  • Fitness Diploma (Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor with New Skills Academy)
  • Swim teacher for all ages and abilities.
  • Sports Massage Therapist (Level 4)
  • First Aid Qualified through RLSS (Lifeguarding Qualification).
  • Safeguarding courses completed through England Athletics and Swim teaching
  • Health, Safety and Hygiene courses returning back to work COVID-19
  • UK Coaching – Duty to Care Badge
  • Fully insured through England Athletics

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