Your 3 wins

Better results

Get better results with the right training that suits you and your lifestyle

stay on track

Stay on track by having someone to be accountable to because you want to achieve your goals

Save time

Save yourself time by letting someone else figure out what's best for you.

What you get

Custom build programmes

Dynamic custom build training programmes designed and constantly evolving to ensure you get the results you want. Every runner is unique so a unique training programme will help improve your performance and increase your enjoyment.

Easy to use app

Constant Feedback

Interact easily within the system, you choose how often you want to communicate. Every session, every day, every week. We provide feedback on your sessions and ask questions that you may not even have thought of, from training to nutrition to race strategy, gear choices, and mindset.

Your own Digital Locker

You also get the key to access your own Digital Locker. A members-only hub only available for Ultractive Run Coaching athletes. 

Packed full of fantastic and exclusive content, videos for Strength and Conditioning sessions, amazing offers, and the latest news to support each individual athletes’ running journey.

And there's more....

Working with an Experienced and passionate Runner & Coach

You will be working with an experienced runner who understands the demands of your training. With over 15 years of experience, having toed the line in 5kms, 10k,s, half marathons, marathons, and many ultramarathons across the globe, you are guaranteed to be in safe hands. Passionate about helping you achieve your goals and get the results you want.

Empowering the Female Athlete

Learn how your hormone fluctuations affect your body to train. We optimize your training around your menstrual cycle allowing you to do sessions at the right intensity at the right time of the month. More meaningful workouts mean you will feel less stressed and anxious at times when you may not feel you can perform. You will adapt quicker, and get better results, improving your confidence every day of the month.

Everything you need, to be a happier, healthier, stonger runner

Start your running journey here​

So, you are interested in becoming a happier, healthier, stronger runner?

Get in touch now and we will send you an online questionnaire that gathers information about your history, exercise goals, and lifestyle. 

Once the questionnaire has been received we arrange a FREE  onboarding call, where we get to know each other better. It is a two-way conversation, ask me questions, I will ask you questions.

From here we explore your WHY. Your why will shape your running journey, it is very powerful, When the going gets tough you ask yourself ‘Why am I here’, ‘why am I doing this’, and that will get you the results you deserve.

We talk about any concerns you have and how we can overcome any fears.

Invest in your progress today

Our price structure is determined by the amount of support you need. Rolling monthly subscriptions make it affordable to all. 

We look at the different support paths you need and work out the best offering for you at the best price. Just one of the many exclusive deals I can offer is, as a Sports Massage Therapist, you can get a special integrated training package to include treatment around your programme which not many other running coaches are able to offer.

Once you are committed to investing in your running health and happiness we can start your running journey together. Once you’ve signed up you will receive a contract and a login to the system and then your journey starts…right here.

Our Clients

Online running coaching and tailored running training programmes is offered for all abilities of runners, whether you are a complete beginner or have run ultra-marathons and beyond. Here are some examples of people I am currently working with:

Hilly Half Road Marathon

My client is training for a very hilly half marathon. They have completed a few half marathons previously. With races being canceled in 2020 and lack of motivation, the client found themselves not running at all but really wanted to get back into it. 

They called on me for help; to provide structure, to help them improve, to keep them accountable and focused, providing them with motivation and balance within a consistent routine that would work for them. 

Consistency is King, Structure is Freedom.


First 24 hour Ultramarathon

My client is training for their first-ever 24 hour ultramarathon. After successfully running a number fast road marathons, this client of mine is embracing a new way of training to their previous training methodologies. There is much more to an ultra running plan than just running. My client is learning so much, from being out on the trails, running ‘slow’ (yes that’s slowing down – how many coaches can boast that they have slowed down one of their athletes?), to nutrition and hydration. We talk about kit, recovery strategies, mental strength, general wellbeing and developing a performance mindset.

We are already seeing amazing results through the adaptations made with the fluid programme. 

Trail Race & health & fitness

This client approached me to see if I could help them to attain overall fitness and health and to keep them from not overtraining. They initially had a specific goal race in mind but that changed as we talked through the WHY. What is your why is the most important thing, remembering your why will get you through when the going gets tough.

We discussed other options and put together a sensible growth plan of multi-discipline activities which due to COVID regulations is constantly changing. The client is embracing the changes needed and debunking any barriers that get in the way, making great health and fitness gains every week.

The best training plan isn’t the one that you follow, it’s the one that follows you.
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