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    As you are female, we can work with your menstrual cycle to harness your hormonal fluctuations and make your training even more effective.

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    Your Running

    What are your motivations to run?

    Where you are today with your running

    Please answer the following questions so we can gather some information about where you are right now with your running.

    How long have you been running?

    Please describe the last few weeks of your running in terms of miles and/or hours per week?

    What does your average weekly run/exercise routine currently look like?

    What is the longest weekly run you do at the moment in terms of miles and time?

    What is the longest run you've ever done in terms of miles or time?

    What other sports do you take part in and how often?

    If you have competed in any races in the last 2 years, please list any PR's (personal records) below. Include ALL races (5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon, etc.)

    If you have competed in any races, what do you consider to be your best performance (this can be time, distance or a self-achievement of a challenging race) and when was this achieved?

    About you as a runner and where you want to be

    Please answer the following questions so we can gather some information about where you want to get to with your running.

    Think beyond just the running, this could include running in all weather conditions, type of terrain, elevation, knowledge, technique, mindset, resilience, Strength and Conditioning, cross-training.

    What do you think you are currently doing well at as a runner today?

    What do you foresee as the biggest hindrance to your running today?

    What goals do you have and WHY do you want to achieve these goals?

    These may include a specific race or series of races, running a personal best time over a set distance, or increasing the distance over which you want to compete (e.g. stepping up from 5K to 10K, or from a Marathon to an Ultra-marathon, or a specific race, or specific finish time).

    What obstacles might prevent you from reaching your goals?

    What does success look like for you?

    What type of ground do you usually run on and WHY. (For Example treadmill, trail, roads, fell)?

    What are your most favourite and least favourite types of runs and WHY? (for example; long runs, trail runs, speed work, hills)


    Do you use a GPS watch (Garmin, Suunto, Polar etc.)?

    Please choose which type of watch you have

    Do you have a strava account?

    As you have answered YES, is your account public or private?

    Do you have any gym type equipment such as a swiss ball, weights, resistance bands, treadmill or other equipment?

    As you have answered YES, what do you have

    Health and Wellbeing

    Have you had any injuries or ongoing niggles in the last year?

    Please give more details about the injuries

    Do you have any health issues?

    If YES please tell us more

    Do you take any medications?

    Please list and include the reason for taking any medications


    What is your occupation?

    What sort of hours do you work a week?

    What family commitments do you have?

    Do you have any particular time constraints?

    Describe anything else about your lifestyle that you are experiencing that may affect your running journey For example any religious considerations such as Ramadan or any other beliefs or influences that may affect your lifestyle.

    Are there any day(s) / months that you cannot train due to your lifestyle?

    Coaching Process

    Have you worked with a coach before or had a structured training programme or followed a programme in the past?

    Please describe how you found the experience, what you liked about it, and what you disliked about it

    Why do you think you would like a coach for your running?

    How did you hear about us?

    What attracted you to us?

    Provide any other comments you think might be helpful to describe you and your running

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